Uses for Solid Surface materials in hotels

There are many uses for solid surface materials in the hotel industry.
Historically, these used to mean bland worksurfaces in hotel bathrooms and bedrooms, easily wipeable, and therefore hygienic – functional, yet uninspiring.  However, in recent years, the solid surface market has had a revamp, with beautiful new materials ensuring worksurfaces, sideboards, food preparation areas and more can now be a design feature, not just a functional surface.
Solid surface materials can now be found not only in hotel bathrooms, but hotel lobby’s, F&B areas, pools, spas and gyms.
Delicate and durable Quartz, Stone and Marble, modern contemporary stylish Corian such as Avonite and High Macs, Magnificent Magnum Porcelain, industrious and edgy Hanex just some of the solid surfaces used within in many spaces.

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