It’s in the genes
Laura and Marian Martinez – McGregor are sisters, who have had the privilege of growing up in the magical world of hotels, their father was a successful dynamic and award winning Hotel Director in Spain whose hotel in Ibiza has now changed hands and has become the fabulous Nobu Bay.
GEMM International is a family run business our foundation is 5 star client service and luxury quality products which we source globally. With over forty years combined experience our senior team provide a hands on approach that oversees the quality control every step of the way with the support of our administrative team based in our beautiful Cambridge office.


Laura Martinez-McGregor – Founder & CEO
After working in London, Laura relocated and worked in Spain in luxury property sales as well as with Architects and Developers her vision to create her own company has grown from strength to strength over the last decade.
Laura has gained a wealth of knowledge and a true passion to see the culmination of all projects with the delivery of our wonderful services and products.
Laura’s method to apply a five star sercive to each and every client is why GEMM International is recommended time and time again.
Laura says: “Client relationships is our foundation at GEMM International”
Marian Martinez McGregor – Managing Director
Having worked within in Corporate Events and Office Management for an International network, Marian is accustomed to a fast paced industry.
“Having the pleasure to work alongside and support visionaries such as hoteliers and property developers is a true perk of the job”
“Know yourself change yourself conquer yourself” – Budha Dechan Jueren
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